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ARRIVALS                                                                                                        LOCATION

On foot :            up the main carriage drive.

By train :           from Moor Park Station & School mini bus

By car :             via Batchworth Lane


PARKING         please proceed to                                                                      MAIN QUAD     

Disabled parking, VIP parking (20 spaces) -                                                        BURSAR’S QUAD


ENTRANCE                                                                                                       GATEHOUSE               


09H00 Sir Thomas White Lodge to open and be ‘called off’                            SPENSER LEESON ROOM   


09H30 – 10H00 WELCOME COFFEE & REGISTRATION                                      RECEPTION AREA

VIP’s direct from Bursar’s Quad into corridor.

Please register your arrival at the desk in the Reception Area under Great Hall.



All masons, please proceed to Dressing Rooms                                                   CLASSROOMS

Grand Lodge Officers and VIP’s in separate rooms


10H15 – 11H00  Sir Thomas White and The Masonic Charities

Please proceed up the stairs and take your seats in the                                        GREAT HALL

Grand Lodge Officers parade in, proceeding to their allocated seats.


(  I  )     SIR THOMAS WHITE – an historical overview




Sir Thomas White members only to close Lodge                                                  SPENSER LEESON ROOM

Other masons remove regalia                                                                              CLASSROOMS

15 minutes break for others


11H15 – 12H00 Chapel Service of Thanksgiving                                               GREAT HALL

Great Hall has no access for disabled


12H15 – 13H15 Headmaster’s Reception                                                          INNER QUAD

Wet weather alternative                                                                                      EXAMINATION HALL


13H30 – 15H00 Luncheon                                                                                 FLAGSTAFF LAWN

Lunch will be provided in the Marquee through the archway out onto

the playing fields adjacent to Flagstaff.


16H00 Tea

Tea will be provided in the Marquee

Tours of School are available

Cricket, 1st XI are playing St. Paul’s


17H00 Departures


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